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HourlyIQ allows you to easily deploy a pay-for-performance cash bonus system.

The software gives you a new level of clarity about the individual performance of your employees as well as your entire business which will allow you to motivate your workforce, grow faster and make more money.

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Initially, HourlyIQ was going to be a wicked-awesome, top-secret tool that we would use exclusively in our own service business. After some consideration, though, we realized that it could help A LOT of people to manage their own businesses.

Our first batch of users are now on board, and we are accepting new users on a Limited Release basis.

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Feedback makes your team stronger, and you can provide it daily with HourlyIQ. Get ready for a level of hunger and team engagement that you’ve never seen before. Your jobs have just become GAMIFIED!

It’s called a Rundown and it is designed to give your employees a better idea about how they’ve performed while explaining how their paycheck came to be. Transparency is very important and we’ve found a pay stub with a ‘gross pay’ does not do a good job of explaining how their performance was valued.

Go deep with your employee feedback and be in a position to want to give them more money! Use HourlyIQ to coach your team members to any level.

Real-time figures about your operation that will keep you informed as to how you’re performing.

HourlyIQ automatically generates some crazy reports that show you where time and money are being spent. Math is the path and HourlyIQ is your real-time answer to uncover what is actually going on in your business with minimal effort.

Easy Bonus System

We all know how powerful a solid bonus program functions in a production environment. It can take an employee from ‘punching the clock’ to fully engaged, motivated and aligned with your business.

HourlyIQ takes the bonus program from a clunky, time-consuming task to a streamlined, powerful and fine-tuned system.

Not all Employees are Equal

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew who on your team was overpaid and who was underpaid?

Who is most productive and least productive?

Who is improving and who deteriorating?

Identify and reward your Super Heroes!


Running a service business can be chaotic and you often have to make quick decisions.

HourlyIQ completely takes care of your bonus system while giving you a new level of clarity about the individual performance of your employees and your entire business. This allows you to make better decisions and to recognized and reward the Super Heroes on you team.

Pay for Performance, Cash Bonus System in a box.




Employee Profiles.


1-on-1 onboarding & 12 part mini-series.

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Brandon's Window Cleaning Business

Brandon’s Window Cleaning Business

Hey there!

My name is Brandon and for the last 14 years I’ve owned and operated a window cleaning business. For many years we fumbled with a spreadsheet for a makeshift bonus program. It was time-consuming and clunky to manage which prevented us from sharing it on a regular and ongoing basis. It was also very limited as to what it could do.

When done properly, gamification with a pay-for-performance cash bonus system can motivate your team, improve your culture and get everyone ‘rowing’ in the same direction.

HourlyIQ is our answer to streamlining the jobs inside our service business. In a tight labor market, it gives us an edge as an employer who gives regular feedback with an awesome cash bonus system. Past that, it gives me the owner a huge amount of actionable information so I can stay in tune with my business, regardless of how busy we are.

Brandon Lazar

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